What are the best shoelaces length for your Sneaker?

Choosing the proper shoelace length to replace your sneaker can something tricky for a lot of people. Below are some tips for choosing the length of laces, hope it can help!

If you’re able, then the easiest way to find the right lace length is to measure one of the laces you’re replacing. However, sometimes you’re unable to measure the original laces due to whatever reason, it will little bit more complicated than you may think! A lot of people think that it’s based on your shoe size but no, it is actually based on the number of lace holes (also known as eyelets) rows that your sneakers have.

Use the following guide for recommended lengths depending on the amount of eyelets on your shoes, you will quickly and easily be able to find exactly what you’re looking for to find the right length for your sneaker replacement lace.

Eyelet CountBest Match Shoelace Length

It’s important to note that shoelaces are not like clothing items in the sense that if you get the wrong size, they will be unwearable. You can easily use slightly longer and shorter laces in your kicks,you just have to play around with how you lace them. I hope this article was helpful for you guys and remember you can ALWAYS email us if you still need help choosing what length to get.

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