Air Force 1 Laces


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We make BEST MATCH replacement laces for Air Force 1. Furthermore, with multiple color options, you can lace your shoes in whatever color you want. Grab a pair for your AF in your favorite color.

Recommended Lace lengths for popular shoes:
For the Air Force 1, we recommend getting them in 140CM length. These are suitable for most Air Force 1 sneakers. For accuracy, please measure and confirm the length that you require.
Our collection of BASICS Flat & Thin Laces are versatile and can be used on various pair of sneakers. From VANS to Jordans, Converse, Reebok or Puma, our Flat laces can be used on all of them.

Coming in 4 different lengths, you will definitely be able to find one to suit your pair of sneakers.

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