Air Jordan 1 first launched in 1985. It’s one of the most popular sneakers today. It’s so popular because its stylishness and comfort also make them a good everyday shoe for the lifestyle! Furthermore, Michael Jordan’s greatness on the court during his playing days, and became a status symbol.
Below are 5 easy ways of lacing your Air Jordan 1’s! 
This guide will take your air Jordan 1 to the next level. From straight lacing to ladder lacing – we cover them all! Hope you enjoy it.

Before we get into the step-by-step tutorials and different lacing methods, you need to make sure you’ve got the right shoelaces for your AJ1.
The perfect length for Jordan 1 High is 63” and 72” depending on how you want to lace your sneaker. Let’s getting started.
In order to complete all the lacing styles laid on in this guide, we recommend using 72“ This will ensure you can lace your sneakers all the way up to the top eyelets.

No matter which way you want to lace. The first you need to do always make sure both ends of the lace are even. Pull them up and make sure the tips of the laces are even right here at the top.

Style 1: Loosey Goosey with laces untied look (lazy way or Cozy way)

1. Start with the inside of the foot toward the outside of the foot.

2. Go underneath and make sure all outside laces go over the top. Turn the lace and make sure the laces are flat and clean.

3. Follow the pattern until you get to the six eyelets, you can decide whether to go through the tongue or not. It’s all your preference, just pick up the style you like.

4. Once you lace to the top (second hole from the top) leave around 2 inches handing down from the right side here and then do the same thing on the left side. You can see we have lots of extra room right here. Next, what you need to do is pull the laces and make them even as you go through to the bottom.

And we’re done. Here is what the style looks like.

Style No.2: Mid Way Laced with Laces Tied

This one is similar to Style No. 1. What you need to do is tie a bowtie when you lace to the six eyelets. Here is what the style looks like.

Style No.3: All the way to TOP WITH Laces Tied

This one is simple, just follow style No.1 and lace all the way to the 8 or 9 eyelets. The laces left over will be just long enough to tie a small bowtie.
A lot of people like to rock this style with skinny jeans or crew socks, it works very well. Here’s what this style looks like:

Style No.4: Cross Loosey with Laces Tied.

  1. For this style, you need to skip a hole every single time. First, skip the 2nd eyelets. Go through to the 3rd eyelets.
  2. Then skip the next eyelets and lace to the 5th eyelets. Follow the same pattern till the 9th eyelets.
  3. Again, Tie a bowtie.
  4. Then pull the strings out here and get a loose fit on the foot.

Style No.5: Bar Lace 

  1. Start with running the shoelace straight across from the outside on the bottom eyelets 
  2. Take the right lace and thread it through the underside of the second right hole. Then bring it in through the eyelet on the opposite side hole.
  3. With your left lace, thread it into the underside of the third left hole. Then bring it in through the eyelet on the opposite side hole.
  4. Follow the same pattern until lace to the 8th eyelets. Tie the extra laces up or you can just slip in inside your sneaker. Then you will have your bar style clean and nice like this.

There is no right way or wrong way, just the way you like to lace your Jordan. 

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