Air Jordan 1 Size Guide

When you want to replace the laces of your Air Jordan 1, you will want to know what is the AJ1 shoelace length first? Laces that are too short or too long can affect your sneaker’s performance and looks.

The Best Way to Find the Length of shoelace You Need: Remove the Current Shoelace from the shoe, measure it from Tip to Tip, this is the Length for the New Shoelace – Keeping in Mind to Add or Subtract to Your New Laces if Your Old Laces are too Long or too Short.

If you’re unable to measure the original laces, use the following guide for recommended lengths depending on the number of eyelets on your shoes:

The Nike Air Jordan 1 comes in 3 types: Highs, Mid, and Lows. Each type has a different eyelets number.

SneakerEyelet Count
Air Jordan 1 High9
Air Jordan 1 Mid8
Air Jordan 1 Low6

Recommended Shoelace length
The perfect length for Jordan 1 High is 63” and 72” depending on how you want to lace your sneaker.
If you lace to 7th eyelets. 63” will be enough.
If you want to lace to 8th or 9th eyelets, 72” length will be a better choice.

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